The perfect app to guide your teams through daily duties

Managing a store can be extremely challenging. It is of paramount importance to ensure that all tasks are completed on a daily basis. Brand M8 is the perfect solution to assist teams through reminders of the tasks need to be completed and when these tasks need to be completed, with automated digital tasks and intelligent checklists. Results are automatically collated into daily/weekly/ or monthly reports; this can be altered to suit your business needs. Brand M8 aids in mitigating risks and managing safety compliance across your company via the cloud based platform.

Exceptional Operational Standards at Every Location

Tasks, checklists, inspections and audits can be created at HQ and published across the group, ensuring that all sites are operating to the same high standard. The app can be accessed with a tablet, smartphone or laptop, and can record photo evidence, temperature readings, barcode scans and comments. Detailed reports are generated to highlight any underperforming units and key issues.

Dynamic, Digitised Checklists


Our BrandM8 server is hosted in the cloud and accessible from any device from a web browser. Publishing rules ensure control over who has access to audits and when they are available. If a problem is identified, follow-up action points can be pre-configured which are assigned to a specific person.


Scheduling & Tagging


Audits can be assigned to individuals and scheduled for completion at specific times on specific days. QR codes or barcodes at specific locations can ensure checks are carried out where they are meant to be. Scanning the code will verify the user is at the correct location.



Audits are configured carefully to individual business requirements. This ensures that appropriate information is captured for detailed analysis and reporting. BrandM8 applicable to virtually any business or industry. Weighted questions can be added for accurate scoring, daily workflows can be configured to pathways most suitable with varying question types and much more!


Multi-user & Multi-site


An unlimited number of users can be created on the system. Simply set up unique usernames and logins for each individual. This aids in ensuring that the correct person carries out the audit and the time and duration of the audit is recorded. Equally, an unlimited number of sites can be created and audited. Sites can be grouped into categories and users can be restricted to individual sites of group of sites according to their role in the organisation.

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