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Audit inspection software and App

The App to guide your teams through daily duties 

Being a store manager in any business can be extremely challenging. There are so many tasks to work through on a daily basis. BrandM8 can assist teams by reminding them of what needs to be done and when, with automated digital tasks and intelligent checklists.

Unlike paper checklists, the results are automatically collated into daily/weekly or monthly reports, accessible both at store and HQ. The BrandM8 App will help you mitigate risks and manage safety compliance across your company via the cloud based platform.

Excellent Operational Standards at Every Location

The BrandM8 platform allows different tasks, checklists, inspections and audits to be created at HQ and published across the group, ensuring all your sites are operating to the same high standards

Checklists and tasks are then completed via the App using a tablet, smartphone or laptop, and can record photo evidence, temperature readings, barcode scans and comments. Detailed reports are produced to highlighting underperforming units and key issues. 

Checklist App

  • Digitise Paper Checklists

    Cloud based management of audits, checklists and reporting.

  • Smart Mobile Tasks

    Works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

  • Customised

    Audits and checklists are customised to suit your business requirements.

  • Dynamic checklists

    Automatic creation of follow up checklists according to the answers recorded.

  • Scored Answers

    Blind scoring can be configured for each question and reported on.

  • Schedule Repeat Tasks

    Audits can be scheduled for specific days and times.

  • Weighted questions

    Each question can be weighted to reflect it's importance.

  • Daily Workflows

    Guides users through checklists and audits according to how a question is answered.

  • Location based checks

    Smart tags can be used to ensure that checks are done at the correct location.

  • Photo capture

    Record photo evidence using the camera within the mobile device.

  • Powerful reporting

    Cloud based reporting provides instant access to audit data and compliance status.

  • Temperature checks

    Bluetooth temperature probe integration ensures accurate temperature readings.

  • Multi user

    Individual user accounts record who and when an audit was completed.

  • Multi site

    Capture audit and checklist data from multiple sites across any geography.

  • Multiple question types

    A variety of question types are available for inclusion within an audit.

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