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Streamline your operations with digital task management and checklists for forecourt retail.

 Digital checklists and task App


Forecourt Retail Store Audit – Ensure you are operating to brand standards!

Conducting regular audits and checklists across multiple locations has largely been managed through paper-based checklists. Whilst these may be completed effectively, they are prone to pitfalls that lead them to be ineffective. BrandM8 provides you with a central cloud-based platform for distributing audit checklists to stores and a channel to deliver information gathered back to head office.

Through the management console, paper-based checklists can be easily converted into digital audits that are pushed out to mobile devices for stores or area managers to complete. The central data capture and automated reporting provides HQ with immediate feedback and actionable results.


Forecourt Closing Check – Ensure your team end the day on a high note!

When the day is done and your customers are gone, it’s easy for tired staff to make mistakes. A closing checklist ensures that your teams end the day on a high note, cashing up the till, re-ordering stock and turning off equipment.


Uses of BrandM8 for Forecourt Retailers

Store Reviews – Audits and checks can be conducted at any level; in store as part of daily/weekly procedures, by the area team or by HQ. Checklists are created at HQ and ‘published’ to users, so it’s quick and easy to make changes or introduce new checklists. These are critical to gathering data on store operations, compliance to standards and the management of stores. This helps to maintain a consistent level of customer service.


Health & Safety – Forecourt retail chains and service stations often house multiple concepts and brands under one roof; a retail store, a coffee shop, deli and fast food outlet. BrandM8 helps to ensure that all outlets are meeting corporate standards. This can include food safety standards, temperature checks, training manuals and emergency procedures.


Employee Inductions - Conduct employee inductions and maintain training records using BrandM8. The information is instantly available when required.


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