Streamline your operations with digital task management and checklists for hotels.

Digital checklists and task App


Quality Control & Branch Compliance Checks – Have all your hotels running at the same level!

BrandM8 can act as a hotel inspection app, making it easy for both individual hotels and hotel groups. Regular inspection reviews and checklists can take place across multiple locations at the same time. Converting paper forms and procedures into a digital app provides an easy and accurate way of gathering data on hotel performance, operations and practices.

The central cloud platform is used to create an deploy checklist forms to hotels. Once completed, the results are automatically uploaded to the central head office database for reporting and analysis, with clear actionable results.


Hotel Room Checks – Ensure your hotel is looking its best!

BrandM8 can help with housekeeping records and inspections. It can help you to improve your hotel housekeeping standards and drive up your expectations. The mobile checklist app can provide:

  1. Faster, more actionable results to headquarters which can be shared with the team
  2. A clearer visibility over housekeeping standards and practices with the ability to add photo evidence
  3. Follow up checklists or emails to alert supervisors for better accuracy over property maintenance and repairs
  4. Automatic housekeeping reports with point scoring to measure against expectations


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