Star Hotel Digital Food Safety Program

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BrandM8 is an innovative checklist management system that allows users to migrate all of their paper based checklists and compliance forms to intelligent checklists that can be centrally managed and deployed to smart devices and web browsers.

Checklists are completed “as required” by users and all recorded information is stored centrally for compliance alerting, reporting and auditing of information. BrandM8 makes the management, capture and analysis of checklists and checklist information easy and accurate.

Food Safety

The majority of food service businesses complete their Food Safety checklists on paper. BrandM8 offers the innovation of being completely digital, with the benefits of improved user accountability and increased visibility for business stakeholders.

Maintaining a handle on Food Safety and other elements across a venue is extremely challenging without a system that makes the capture of this information easy, provides pro-active alerting in relation compliance and allows for easy access to historical reporting.

The Star Hotel

Trent Fairweather, owner of The Star Hotel Sale, recognised these challenges for his venue and was keen to implement BrandM8 as a way of keeping his staff accountable for Food Safety compliance, and also providing greater visibility into the running on his kitchen.

“With BrandM8 now looking after the majority of our food safety template requirements I am now instantly notified by email when there is an issue with a fridge temperature check or if sta fail to complete the required data collection to stay compliant. It’s one less daily compliance challenge that we have to worry about.”

BrandM8 has a comprehensive report engine which is configured to automatically email exception reports when they arise, and daily summaries each night for a snapshot of what has occurred during the day. All reports are pre-configured, and can be sent to all relevant staff within a venue.

Kitchen staff at the Star Hotel also understand the benefits and have adopted the system as their own. The Head Chef says the move to a digital platform had its challenges, but has been well worth it.

“I no longer have paper records to manage that are often difficult to keep in a kitchen environment with water and food around. Now we just use an iPod Touch and the reports are automatically generated. If the staff are not complying with data collection I’m notified instantly via email.”

Paper-based checklists can now be relegated to the back seat as solutions like BrandM8 provide businesses with a very powerful technology solution that more readily records and analyses checklist data. Any business with Food Safety (or any other compliance requirements) would see immediate benefits in utilising such a system.

For information on how simple and cost-effective it is to get underway, please contact Mobo Innovations on 01772 367110. 

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