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The BrandM8 management platform allows you to build and distribute smart checklists across your organisation. Centrally managed and deployed to all your venues, the app provides a platform to standardise all your repeating tasks, checklists and processes. Regardless of whether you are an independent business, or you have multiple locations or brands, BrandM8 is the perfect solution.


  1. Saves time, collects critical data & reports on your standards
  2. Scores checklists and compares performance across your estate
  3. Enhances HACCP tasks and staff duties


Benefits of BrandM8


Collects Data


BrandM8 allows your to capture photo evidence, add voice notes, add supporting text to checklists and report issues.


Reports Problems Centrally


When something goes wrong, whether that be a staff accident, broken equipment or a missed delivery, it's always quick to report.

Operational Visibility


Easily view your teams' daily operations to ensure each store is operating like your best. From cleanliness, to service and ambiance, BrandM8 allows you to score and measure each outlet against your expected standards.


Actionable Reports


Detailed reports, scored results and leaderboards highlight any under-performing areas/locations clearly. This allows for the necessary changes to be made to bring these problem areas back up to standard.

The mobile App lets you conduct inspections from a tablet, PC or mobile phone and centrally files reports for analysis. The system captures more detail than you can with a paper checklist, saving photographs or temperature recordings. Details are stored centrally for analysis, comparisons and trends, giving you insight into where improvements can be made.  Examples of markets where BrandM8 is currently used include:

  • Restaurants & Fast Food

    Enhancing food service and hygiene standards for restaurants, hotels, fast food, food-to-go retailers and catering operations.

  • Pub & Bar

    BrandM8 is the pub and bar checklist management platform that streamlines your operations and keeps your teams focused on delivering great service.

  • Retail Outlets

    Operational standards are vital to the success of multi site retail chains. BrandM8 provides insightful operational intelligence that is instantly available.

  • Forecourt Retailing

    Store audits and self assessments are essential tools in modern retailing and play a vital role in driving brand standards.

  • Hotels

    Hotel checklist App, mobile forms and audit software

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