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Integrated checklists and processes across 

all your pubs & bars.

Pub and Bar opening checklist App

Run every pub like your best pub.

From checking the till float to cleaning the bar and changing a barrel,

BrandM8 will guide your teams through their daily tasks

and keep you operating at your best.


Maintenance & Equipment Checks

Report broken equipment, health & safety issues,

damaged furniture or leaks.

Simply load the task, take a photo, add comments & finalise reports back to HQ. probe


Pub and bar cleaning checklist App

Drive Up Standards 

Task your team with repeating cleaning and hygeine checks

to ensure your pub is looking it's best and your guests are happy

all day long.


Pub and Bar closing checklist

When the day is done and your guests are gone

it's easy for tired staff to make mistakes.

A closing checklist ensures your teams end the day right,

cashing up the till, re-ordering stock and turning off equipment.


What more does BrandM8 do for pubs and bars?

Digital checklists and task App

Centrally managed and deployed to all your venues,

the app provides a platform to standardise all your repeating tasks,

checklists and processes.

How will BrandM8 Benefit you?

Saves time, collects critical data, & reports on your standards.

Scores checklists and compares performance across your estate.

Enhances HACCP tasks and staff duties. 

Collects Data

Captures photo evidence, report issues, record temperatures,

add voice notes, add supporting text to checklists.

Reports Problems Centrally

When something goes wrong, a staff accident, a broken freezer,

a missed delivery, it's quick to report.

Operational Visibility

Easily view your teams daily bar operations to ensure each pub

is operating like your best.

From cleanliness to service and ambiance, BrandM8 allows you to score

and measure each bar against your expected standards.


Actionable Reports

Detailed reports, scored results and leaderboards highlight under-performance.

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