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Streamline your operations with digital task management and checklists for pubs & bars.

Digital checklists and task App


Pub & Bar Opening Checklist - Get your pub ready to open just the way you want!

BrandM8 will contribute towards running each pub or bar like your best pub or bar. From checking the till float to cleaning the bar and changing a barrel. BrandM8 will guide your teams through their daily tasks and keep you operating at your best.


Maintenance & Equipment Checklist - Ensure all equipment and facilities are fit for purpose!

Report any broken equipment, health & safety issues, damaged furniture or leaks through the app. Simple load the task, take a photo, add comments and finalise the reports to be sent back to HQ!


Pub & Bar Hygiene Checklist - Ensure you pub is looking at its best!

Tasking your team with repeating cleaning and hygiene checks will ensure that your business is looking its best and your guests are happy all day long. BrandM8 helps you to drive up the standards present in your business.


Pubs & Bar Closing Checklist - Ensure you end the day right!

When the day is done and your guests have left satisfied, it is easy for tired staff to make mistakes. A closing checklist ensures that your team ends the day on a high note; cashing up the till, re-ordering stock and turning off equipment.


Uses of BrandM8 for Pubs & Bars

Store Reviews - Rigorous store reviews and audits are critical to ensure your operational procedures and standards are being met. Area managers can quickly and easily conduct store reviews, with the results instantly available to discuss with the store manager and available at head office. Site managers can also take advantage of BrandM8 to conduct self audits which can significantly increase compliance. It is an invaluable tool that provides exceptional operational insight and provides the ability to easily benchmark and rank store performance.


Walk Through -  Managers and supervisors can quickly and easily conduct regular walk through checks to inspect cleanliness, customer facilities and staff presentation.


Healthy & Safety - Smart digital checklists help make compliance easier, ensuring that the appropriate checks are carried out when they should be. Incidents and accidents can be easily recorded and the information readily available.


Employee Inductions - Conduct employee inductions and maintain training records using BrandM8. The information is instantly available when required.

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