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Being a restaurant manager can be extremely challenging. There are so many tasks to work through on a daily basis. BrandM8 can assist the manager by reminding them of what needs to be done and when, then collating the results into daily/weekly/monthly compliance reports.

Restaurant checklists and audits are an essential part of managing multi-unit restaurants, pubs and takeaway chains. Brandm8 assists managers to ensure they are done properly, resulting in consistently high standards and efficient operations at every site. 

Many restaurants still use paper checklists and spreadsheets to carry out daily tasks and record  their findings, but the weaknesses here become obvious…

  • Are they done on time, how are they scored?
  • Where is the data kept?
  • How is it communicated to HQ?
  • How are stores compared or measured against each other?
  • Are brand standards really being met?

Operational ControlBrandM8 corrective action

The BrandM8 auditing platform and App allows different tasks, checklists, inspections and audits to be created at HQ and published across the group.

Checklists and tasks are then completed via the App using a tablet, smartphone or laptop, and can include photo evidence, temperature readings, barcode scans and comments. A detailed report is produced for each completed task, alongside a restaurant leader-board report highlighting underperforming units and key issues.

Store Visit Audits

The broader ‘store visit’ audits are often wide ranging and score a range of operational practices such as food safety, staff appearance, food testing, service levels, kitchens, toilets, health & safety, bin areas, ambiance, documentation,  FOH presentation and POS product marketing.

Financial Benefits

BrandM8 has a proven track record of delivering results for the biggest high street brands around the globe. Clients often report that since the move from paper they are saving up to three or four hours a day.

  • Saves time
  • Lower paper & print costs e.g. checklists, manuals etc.
  • Reduces call-outs for maintenance repairs etc.
  • Less reliant on expensive external auditors
  • Minimise legal & compensation claims
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