Retail Stores

Examples of how BrandM8 can be used include:

Store Reviews

Rigerous store reviews and audits are critical to ensure you're operational procedures and standards are being met. Area managers can quickly and easily conduct store reviews, with the results instantly available to discuss with the store manager and available at head office.

Site managers can also take advantage of BrandM8 to conduct self audits which can significantly increase compliance.

BrandM8 is an invaluable tool that provides exceptional operational insight and provides the ability to easily benchmark and rank store performance.

Store Readiness

First impressions count and the consumer experience begins before they enter your store. Opening and closing checklists will help make sure your business is looking it's best, inside and out.

Walk Through

Managers and supervisors can quickly and easily conduct regular walk through checks to inspect cleanliness, customer facilities and staff presentation.

Health & Safety

Smart digital checklists help ake complaince easier, ensuring that the appropriate checks are carried out when they should be. Incidents and accidents can be easilty recorded and the information readily available.

Employee Inductions

Conduct employee inductions and maintain training records using BrandM8. The information is instantly available when required.


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