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Paper-based checklists can now be relegated to the back seat as solutions like BrandM8 provide businesses with a very powerful technology solution that more readily records and analyses checklist data. Any business with Food Safety (or any other compliance requirements) would see immediate benefits in utilising such a system.

Your Undercover Boss?

Supervising the operations of multi-store chains is difficult & time consuming. BrandM8 makes it so much easier, it's a bit like having an 'undercover boss' but without the disguise and makeup.
BrandM8 is an innovative checklist management system that allows users to migrate all of their paper based checklists and compliance forms to intelligent checklists that can be centrally managed and deployed to smart devices and web browsers.

Checklists are completed “as required” by users and all recorded information is stored centrally for compliance alerting, reporting and auditing of information. BrandM8 makes the management, capture and analysis of checklists and checklist information easy and accurate.

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